Adoption Information


We make every effort to assess the health of the animal.  Adopters will receive a copy of all vet work performed. All adopted dogs are:Sassy

• Spayed/neutered,
• Treated for worms,
• Heartworm tested (if age appropriate),
• Treated for fleas/ticks,
• Microchipped,
• Examined by veterinarian,
• Receive age appropriate vaccinations (Distemper/Parvo and Rabies (if old enough)

Foster Homes

All of the dogs live in volunteer foster homes not shelters.  Because our dogs live in homes, we can assess what type of home would be most suitable for our foster dogs. Our goal is to find the best match between the adopter and the foster dog to ensure the dog has a home for life and will not have to be moved again.


Hope3Our rescue is made up of 100% volunteers. It may take a few days for one of our volunteers
to respond to your request or question. The first step is filling out an Adoption Application.  The first application we receive is not chosen for who gets the adoption as we determine which home is the best match for the dog.  If you do not get the dog you applied for, it is not a judgment of your home but more often due to multiple applications, sometimes the dog picks his/her family (making the choice far easier), sometimes may not be right dog for your home or situation. As the fosters know the dog best they try to determine what is going to be the best fit for the dog and not a judgment of your home/family. Every dog is an individual with different needs and it is best for all concerned to try and match the right animal to the right home. No adoption is guaranteed until foster tells you adoption is approved.


Meet & Greet

3dogsWe arrange for meet and greet in a public place when you first meet our foster pets. If that goes well, we will contact your veterinarian, if you have existing animals, to confirm veterinary care. The next step is a visit to your home with the foster dog. This is to ensure that he/she gets along well with everyone that lives in your home and that it is a safe environment for the dog. A home visit is required before any adoption can take place. We try to arrange the final adoptions on a day when the family is home from work or school so your family can spend time with the dog before the next work week starts. Please note: no adoption is a guarantee until you are told approved and will be able to adopt.

Existing Pets

If you have any existing animals in your home, we require that they are current on veterinary care, spayed or neutered, and that you allow us to confirm that information with your veterinarian prior to adopting an animal from our rescue.


We are based in Rochester, NY, and we do our adoptions in the Rochester area.

Some dogs will require fenced in yard and some will not. If there are specific needs for the animal, they will be listed in the write-up.
We will not adopt out to anyone looking for a dog that will be left outside unattended; wants to tie out multiple dogs; would use prong collars or e-collars for training. We also require that all existing animals in home are current on vet care, including spayed or neutered unless age or medical reason prevents altering.