We are a 100% volunteer organization.  Without your donations we cannot do the work that needs to be done for rescue dogs who need help.


New2U Rescue is a non-profit organization operating under the 501(c)(3) charitable status. We are a non-profit, no-kill, volunteer dog rescue serving the greater Rochester, NY area. Our mission is helping dogs that are homeless, in public shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia, or given up by owners due to inability to properly care for the animal.

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All dogs brought into our rescue are placed in an approved foster home where they will receive love, training and any needed veterinary care. We remain committed to all dogs in our rescue after they are adopted by requiring that, should it not work out, dogs are returned to us and never given away or placed in a shelter.

We strive for the right home for each of our dogs and require reference checks and home visits. New2U Rescue wants homes that will be for the life of every dog adopted out. Any donations received will go straight to the care of dogs in need. We are all volunteers so all money goes towards the care of the dogs.

We also endeavor to work with other shelters, rescues, and humane organizations to help create a safe and caring network to help dogs in need. Our group is committed to the care of dogs in our rescue and community. We help through our foster program and education of those we work with or come into contact with

How your donations help

Puppy Mill Rescue DogOver the years we have taken in many dogs in need. Some as simple as a pregnant mom with no place to go, many mill dogs in need of urgent dental care with mouths that are totally infected due to lack of any care. Thankfully for those dental needs Brockport Animal Hospital has fit them in and helped them feel better.

 Parvo puppies; malnourished dogs; injured dogs; bottle babies to senior needs. If we have a foster who can help we will. New 2 U has a wonderful support base of fosters and followers and without them we could not do even a small percentage of what we do. Add to that veterinary clinics with staff and doctors that really care about the animals. Rochester Community Animal Clinic; Brockport Animal Hospital; Pittsford Animal Hospital and Monroe Veterinary and Emergency Services.

At New 2 U we have learned that a dog can have a pacemaker installed and about so many other health issues.

The abuse cases are the worst but these dogs do not hold a grudge. They are the most amazing creatures on earth. They truly forgive us. Thank you to the amazing adopters who carry on the journey with these dogs. Letting them know that life is worth living.

Our dream is to one day not be needed but until that time we will help those we can. Cry for those we cannot help and pray for the strength to continue our journey and mission. Thank you to all who have joined us in it. We could never do it alone and every donation makes a difference to a dog in our care.

You can help us help the animals through a PayPal Donation 

Here are a few of the dogs we have helped

Momma dog with puppies

Momma with her babies.  One of the many momma dogs and babies we have helped on their way to forever homes.

German Shepherd with leg in cast 

Another puppy mill boy, this one came with broken leg. He got the help he needed and has been enjoying life in his adoptive home.

Puppy Mill Dog in leg cast


Kiley was a owner surrender to local emergency clinic when they were not able to care for her. When we were contacted we agreed to take her in to get the help she needed for her broken leg. Thankfully it was saved and she is now living life with her new family.

You can help us help the animals through a PayPal Donation 


Dolly was a heartbreaking situation.  When she was found on the streets of Rochester she was emaciated, she also turned out to be blind and had diabetes. She came in as hospice from the shelter that took her in and stayed with us around a year. Long enough to learn what life should have been and for those of us who knew her to fall in love with her personality. Though she is at the rainbow bridge now we are thankful for the time that we got to spend with this amazing girl and enjoyed spoiling her and watching her enjoy and love what life could offer.

You can help us help the animals through a PayPal Donation 


Moose is a hospice pup that came from a puppy mill. He has a seriously enlarged heart. He wasn’t suppose to survive more than a few weeks but months later is still with us and enjoying life. Amazing us and the vets. We are praying he continues to defy the odds.

One Eyed Shih Tzu

This little Shih Tzu came out of an abusive situation.  Her eye needed to be removed and she is now healthy and in a home where she is loved and treated like the princess she is.

Teddy Golden

Teddy was a Mill Dog.  He was of no longer of use to the miller because he had a hole in his heart.  Now you can see in his after photo he is living the sweet life.

Teddy Living the sweet lifeTeddy Living the sweet life

Lucy Newfoundland

This is Lucy, another mill girl we took in. She was very shut down when she arrived. Her after picture shows how the love of her new adoptive home has turned her completely around. 

Lucy AfterLucy After
You can help us help the animals through a PayPal Donation 


Penny was a dog in need of a pacemaker.  Now she is living a great life with her adopter.

Penny a puppy mill dogPenny a puppy mill dog

These Labs were released from puppy mill when they were deemed no longer of use. Mange, secondary skin infections plus eye and ear infections. It took a while to get them to trust people and healthy but they now are in loving homes.

Senior Dog



Senior Girl surrendered with skin infections that who is now enjoying life.

Newborn Puppy

Newborn puppy with birth defects.

Penny a puppy mill dog


Penny a puppy mill girl that required a pacemaker. She was just a baby and now will get to live a mostly normal life.