Springtime – Blanket & Cruncher


This Springtime plaid blanket is standard size large, measuring 42×27, machine wash and dry! Flannel backed with fleece.

Comes with stuffed Bulldog playmate and one of our popular water bottle “Cruncher” toys!

Note: If they chew holes in the water bottle cover, don’t throw it away! It’s machine wash and dry, and it will still protect their gums while they enjoy making that incredible noise, even with holes in it! Be sure to remove bottle cap AND ring before inserting fresh, “uncrunched” bottle to prevent choking hazard. Hide this toy at bedtime if you expect to sleep! Package includes gift bag with tissue, ribbon and blank gift tag ready for you to fill out!

Local Pick Up Only: Items are with our volunteers in Webster, NY or Gates, NY. We can arrange to meet you east side or west side to pick up.

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